Lyrics by Sole
Additional lyrics by Alas and Brer Rabbit of Flobots

Beats by DJ Pain 1

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Trap News: The Farce Awakens

Lyrics by Sole
Additional lyrics by Alas and
Brer Rabbit of Flobots

Beats by DJ Pain 1

They are often the kinds of kids
that are called super-predators

they’re bringing drugs
they’re bringing crime
they’re rapists

they’re trying to debate
who’s less racist

Welcome to Trap News, Â
the news of the trap
Where every 4 years
the population is duped
I’m host robert solester
watching it hit the fan, globally
US citizens are once again asked
to choose between coke and pepsi

They’ve got a right wing candidate
and a fascist businessman
A doctor and another white guy
but we all know who will win
This election we heard a lot of revolution talk
But revolution comes from the people,
not a ballot box
Don’t you remember when you voted for change
All you got was more wars?
Now they’re offering far less
but claim to deserve your vote?

We’re facing climate catastrophe,
mass economic terror
Cops killed more blacks in 2015
then at the height of the lynching era
Isis is on the march from Â
failed wars in the middle east
Let’s check in with Donald Trump
and see what has to say

I’m the only person on the planet
who understands your plight
Believe me,
I’m the only one who can fix everything
You want a blonde on every arm? Â
A bomb for every Muslim?

I will stand up to  the scum,
the women,
the Mexicans
Can we make America great again? Â
Yes we klan!

Build that wall,
kill them all
We’re gonna knock down that mosque
and build a mall

I will walk the fine line
between Mussolini and Berlusconi
Everybody loves me,
the  kkk, even nazis

We don’t need NATO
let em eat their baguettes
We don’t need them to stop
the “Radical Islamic Terrorists”
They won’t even say radical islamic terror,
should we nuke em?
She offers you Benghazi,
I bring you solutions

Well that’s disconcerting,
terrifying to say the least
Let’s go live to our other
right wing candidate

listen to his words,
he’s lost his mind or something
Unlike him
I’m promising absolutely nothing

We’ve heard enough trumpslaning,
time to shatter that glass ceiling
Do you want someone who can get shit done
or a failed businessman?
I can get shit done with
The Clinton Foundation
Peddling access to the state
for private corporations

I’m JP Morgan chase approved to make  power moves

We’ll let the 2nd  amendment people handle you

You’re not the law and order candidate Donald,
don’t you know
Me and my husband practically wrote
The New Jim Crow

We labeled blacks super predators
and brought the 3 strikes rule
Under the Clinton Dynasty
prison populations boom

You’re a racist and a fascist
if you don’t vote for me
it’s time to let a real  woman lead

Hillary you must bet talking about me
Jill Stein, candidate of the Green Party
I’m down with the shit
I’ve got the arrest record to prove it
I’m the next dead end,
on the road to revolution

If Donald Trump wins
it’ll be all your fault

The only reason you are the candidate
is cuz the system is rigged
Don’t even get me started
on the election fraud
The DNC,
Brooklyn, shall I go on?

Nobody likes you,
you’re Pol Pot in a pantsuit
You’ll never do a muthafucking thing
for working people
All you promise is more imperial wars & poverty

All that may be true, but at least we got Bernie!!!

Remember me?
I got you pumped for revolution
All we got to show for it…
fucking lines on the platform

Hillary stole the primary,
but I can’t complain
I’m with the workers,
in my 3rd home on Lake Champlain

I never talked much about my foreign policy plan
But if i was lord of the drones
the middle east would feel the bern

I channeled all your money
and hopes  into the system
You wanted a revolution? Â
Haha, you got Clinton

what a steaming pile of shit
It doesn’t  matter who wins the election,
the pentagon always gets in
History explains,
you can’t reform a broken thing
Don’t believe me,
let’s hear from Mr. hope and change

I went from A New Hope to Attack of the Drones
Why? I’m Anakin when it comes to ravaging sand peoples
and blasting their homes
Rehashing the last chapters and the actions are known
Cuz you’ll spell war orphan with a capital O
When the force awakens
it’s hard to make a statement
That I brought you hope and change
when it’s more like product placement
And for those undocumented patriots…
I thank you for your patience
But I’ll deport you faster
than Iphone 7 cases
I gave you DACA
but at least that’s better than NADA
I see you dreamers,
but did you read the dreams of our fathers?
US doesn’t want less, let’s get mo
Keep trade open like Gitmo
Fake ass MLK
to get votes
but I’ll milk MLK
to get votes

Thanks to the muslim in chief
White people are being hunted in the streets
I’m gonna build a wall
and mexico is gonna pay for it
And if Hillary is elected president
she’s gonna cut off all of our penises

Come again mate Â
That makes no sense

It’s the feminization of America, tell em Alex

Alex Jones here,
the man who exposed the new world order
NAFTA was a NWO plot
to destroy the border
And fluoride in the water
ruining young men’s lives
If Hillary gets in
we’ll be breastfeeding
& cooking for our wives
Donald Trump he’s the real deal folks
He’s the only one that can stand up
to the fascism of the left
With their “politically correct safe spaces”
While George Soros
funds Black Lives Matter terrorists

Alex Jones what the happened to you?
How did it come to this?
How go from 9-11  to promoting an actual fascist?

This is the real spirit of 1776
Make America great again
for the white race

You criticize Nazi germany,
but real Nazis support this dude

Well Nazis like ice cream,
does Hillary wanna take that to?

How do you square that
with his support of racists?

You mean patriots

No i mean racist 3 percenters
who wanna bring back slavery

We need to get off of Obama’s plantation
Its either white genocide
or we bring back to constitution!

I’m losing brain cells
engaging this fool
Hey yo stim
You know what to do

America has never been great for people of color

Oh how vacuous its all become
Hillary says America was always great
Trump says we’ll make it great again
The media says there’s only 2 sides to understand
Tet’s get a more nuanced response from Alas of Savage Fam:

This is alas coming
from the illegaly occupied indigenous territory
widely know as the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa
aka the truest Ku Klux Klan replica
aka corrupted infestation of capitalist glorification
and it’s ready to burn!
stolen land from coast to coast
so we ‘ll disregard that vote
these politicians a joke
or something more like a demon
they a plague they that virus
destroying and scheming
extreme incarnation
of evil bloodsuckers
draining my people
thats why we riot in they cities
but they don’t want to hear me
this oppressive systems
could never uphold us
deploy militarize police
still they dare they demand trust?
this systems illegitimate,
we opted out we opted out
exposed for that hypocrisy
they shown what they about
promise salvation in the same breath
that they sow seeds of doubt
cursed is the devils democracy
imposed on sacred ground
freedom defined by a tyrants mind
upholds this whole empire
its a flawed design bound to self destruct
watch the white house catching fire
freedom defined by a tyrants mind
upholds this whole empire
its a flawed design bound to self destruct
watch the white house catching fire

After all is said and done,
what’s really been accomplished?
Will the winner of this contest
do anything to stop global warming?

How many hours did you spend watching?
How much money in total was donated
to your so called revolution?
If that’s not a waste, then what isn’t?
What if that time was spent
organizing in the area you live in?

Instead of Obamacare
which was a private insurance hand out
What if we put our money
into self funded health care coops?

Has anything worthwhile
ever been won through a presidential campaign?
Civil rights?
The abolition of slavery? Â
The 8 hour work day?
Can voting ever give us freedom?
What’s a  democracy
in the era of mass corporate media?

Statistically speaking
wouldn’t you’d have more influence
passing out fliers downtown
then to vote in an election?

Did voting for Kennedy
stop the Vietnam invasion?
Do you really think the next president
can put an end to racist policing?

Did having a black president
erase systematic racism?
Isn’t a function of white supremacy
to have people of color in leadership positions?

When they say they’ll “fix the economy”
what does it mean?
What’s a “job coming back”
in a massive pyramid scheme?
And how much does
the economy really matter ?
If by the end of the century
almost every major city will be under water

How can anyone say
it’s the pinnacle of civic duty?
When it accomplishes next to nothing,
time after time, it’s been proven!

Would we be talking about the cops
were it not for (riots in) Ferguson?
Is it better to beg for crumbs
or to take direct action?
If all you do is vote
you can’t complain, it’s clear
If you really want to change everything,
start anywhere